Welcome to my personal website. I’m Alessandro Casadio, or Alex. Here you can find some info about my work as an actor, director, theatre educator, and author. You will also find some news, activities and achievements of the project Instant Theatre Berlin, which I founded independently in 2013.

Over the years, thanks to the passion of hundreds of actors and acting students of all levels and all backgrounds, Instant Theatre Berlin has become the most established and longest-running theatre project for international people in Berlin, Germany. Thank you for that.

For more info and to purchase my book …And Acting for All please check out this page. You can find the book on Amazon (all countries) both in paperpack as well as in e-book format.

About courses, performances and theatre projects: www.instanttheatreberlin.com

On Facebook: fb.com/InstantTheatreBerlin

About theatre shows, comedy shows and performances hosted at our theatre venue 800A in Berlin: fb.com/800Aberlin


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