Final shows of our theatre courses, spring 2016

Switch your brain off! 2016.rehearsals

In a few weeks, we’ll get to the end of our theatre courses started in April-May. These classes will end with two final public performances to be hosted at our headquarters in Berlin Friedrichshain, as well as at ACUD Theater in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.

The “First Steps in Acting” group will be presenting a how based on comedy scenes from famous movies and series. This introductory acting program, already in its third edition, is getting more and more known in Berlin for its effectiveness and fun. The participants are 8 internationals from The U.S., Turkey, Argentina, France, Slovenia, Germany and India. This group has been outstanding for its dedication and its team spirit.

The “Further Steps” group will present a collection of scripted theatre scenes and one-act plays. On July 8 we’ll present scenes from Tennessee Williams (Streetcar named desire, The Glass Menagerie) and a one-act play by Anton Chekhov (The Bear). This group features expert actors from Greece, the U.S., Italy, Ireland, Portugal as well as rising stars like the 15-yo Gabrielle Torreborre from Australia.


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