Glimpses of a new play: “Sorry I’m dead” coming up in 2018!

Happy 2018! I managed to keep my end-of-2017 resolution, and as a result it is (almost) time for a new play!! The second chapter of the Trilogy of Whatever is in the pipeline and will premiere within June 2018!

"Sorry I'm dead", a new play
“Sorry I’m dead”, my new short play (2018)

The new play “Sorry I’m dead”, written by me and played by myself (Alex Casadio) and by another male actor. Finnish actor Edvard Lammervo played in the preliminary version and helped me out with the photoshoot and the first draft of the play. This one-act piece will most definitely premiere in 2018. The script and the concept have been submitted to several venues, and we’re waiting for a final answer to then announce where we’ll premiere this new work.

"Sorry I'm dead" theatre play 2018
“Sorry I’m dead” starring Alex Casadio

“Sorry I’m dead” can be defined as a comedy. As for the previous chapter of the Trilogy, the main focus of the piece is to explore inner and outer communication, as well as uncovering some “secret” aspects of the world of theatre and performing arts.

See you on stage soon!



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