My first Spoken Word poetry collection is out!

spoken word poetry collection
Spoken Word Volume 1 by Alex Casadio

I’ve recently submitted a short poetry manuscript for publication on Kindle, and this collection is currently on sale through all Amazon platforms.

Spoken Word Volume 1 is the result of my live performance activity in Berlin in the period 2017-2018. This short collection of original texts and poems defines my current style as a spoken word artist. I’m sure things will change quite drastically as I see my evolution as a performer going pretty fast.

For this reason, I chose to publish this first collection to set up a starting point in my research and in my experience in the rich and various field of spoken word poetry.

I hope you enjoy reading my book!!!

Spoken Word Volume 1 is available on Amazon HERE or at this link:

I will soon get the book ready for publication on other platforms and in other formats as well. Stay tuned!!!





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