A new season and The Actors Circle Berlin

A summary of our theatre activities and courses in 2022 and some new acting projects coming up for 2023 at Instant Theatre Berlin, featuring the acting network The Actors Circle Berlin! Read along

This year has marked the restart of our theatre activities and courses in full power, and it was an inspiring and at times frantic journey! We put together a show based on material from contemporary American playwrights (Plays in one act), and I produced and featured in the solo show 6 A**HOLES / 60 MINUTES that premiered on October 3, 2022 in Berlin. In between, we hosted the usual calendar of introductory and advanced theatre courses in English, and we’re planning on the final few months of the year to end 2022 on stage and in style!

For next year, we’re planning an expansion of our performative activities within The Actors Circle Berlin. We’ll be featuring new collaborations with playwrights and directors, and we’ll host our shows in multiple venues in Berlin! Stay tuned, and you’ll soon see us on a stage near you… 🙂


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