A new (simpler) approach to acting: …And Acting for All!

acting manual theory of acting Alessandro Casadio
…And Acting for All by Alex Casadio

After a couple of years of revisions, my book …And Acting for All has been published!! Check out this page for all the info and the links to get it.


My first Spoken Word poetry collection is out!

spoken word poetry collection
Spoken Word Volume 1 by Alex Casadio

I’ve recently submitted a short poetry manuscript for publication on Kindle, and this collection is currently on sale through all Amazon platforms.

Spoken Word Volume 1 is the result of my live performance activity in Berlin in the period 2017-2018. This short collection of original texts and poems defines my current style as a spoken word artist. I’m sure things will change quite drastically as I see my evolution as a performer going pretty fast.

For this reason, I chose to publish this first collection to set up a starting point in my research and in my experience in the rich and various field of spoken word poetry.

I hope you enjoy reading my book!!!

Spoken Word Volume 1 is available on Amazon HERE or at this link:

I will soon get the book ready for publication on other platforms and in other formats as well. Stay tuned!!!




Glimpses of a new play: “Sorry I’m dead” coming up in 2018!

Happy 2018! I managed to keep my end-of-2017 resolution, and as a result it is (almost) time for a new play!! The second chapter of the Trilogy of Whatever is in the pipeline and will premiere within June 2018!

"Sorry I'm dead", a new play
“Sorry I’m dead”, my new short play (2018)

The new play “Sorry I’m dead”, written by me and played by myself (Alex Casadio) and by another male actor. Finnish actor Edvard Lammervo played in the preliminary version and helped me out with the photoshoot and the first draft of the play. This one-act piece will most definitely premiere in 2018. The script and the concept have been submitted to several venues, and we’re waiting for a final answer to then announce where we’ll premiere this new work.

"Sorry I'm dead" theatre play 2018
“Sorry I’m dead” starring Alex Casadio

“Sorry I’m dead” can be defined as a comedy. As for the previous chapter of the Trilogy, the main focus of the piece is to explore inner and outer communication, as well as uncovering some “secret” aspects of the world of theatre and performing arts.

See you on stage soon!


My solo theatre performance finally premiered!

Contemporarysh*t-mynameisalex by Alex Casadio

On April 27, 2017 my solo theatre performance Contemporarysh*t – mynameisalex – A theatre performance premered in 800A theatre venue in Berlin. I am very happy of the result we’ve achieved, also because this performance originated from an old idea of mine that I struggled to bring to an end for the many time limitations of these intense days. Together with me was clown, performer, mime and director Vasilis Liaskovitis, who brought in his expertise in movement and live performance. Contemporarysh*t – mynameisalex can be perceived as a sort of parody, but there are many aspects in the script and in the action that really question the nature of human inner life and inner voices. Here you can get a glimpse and a preview of the performance.

Conceived as the first chapter of a trilogy of plays (The Trilogy of Whatever)Contemporarysh*t – mynameisalex will be followed by a related theatre performance in 2018.

New theatre venue in Berlin: 800A

First show at 800A Berlin, December 2016
Opening show at my new venue 800A

Together with a partner, from November 2016 I started working to create a successful theatre space in Berlin. This resulted in the creation of the venue 800A in Berlin, where I am founder and artistic director. The venue will go on to host courses, shows and performances of Instant Theatre Berlin as well as feature a regular calendar of shows by prominent artists and performers in Berlin.

New project: Acting Program 1


Together with well-known trainer and performer Lauren Hart I’ll be launching a new project fromSeptember 2016. The Acting Program 1 is the first attempt to create a qualified and affordable part-time alternative for people who want to get professional theatre education in English in Berlin. I feel very proud to start this, and I’m very lucky Instant Theatre Berlin is growing under the influence of more and more outstanding theatre professionals.
Read all about this at

Final shows 2016

I was very happy to train our very dedicated groups and direct their final shows  in June-July 2016.

The First steps in Acting course presented a 1-hour long work on stage based on scenes from famous comedy movies and sketches. Not bad for a 2-month beginner course! Congratulations to them all.

First steps in acting: Comedy scenes & sketches

The Further Steps in acting was a great group of experienced and ambitious actors. Together, we prepared and set up The Bear by A. Chekhov as well as some scenes from Glass Menagerie and Streetcar named Desire by T. Williams.
Many thanks to my collaborator Ariane Fuchs who assisted me in the direction of both projects!

Further steps in acting: One-act play by Checkhov // Scenes from T. Williams