Contemporarysh*t – mynameisalex – A theatre performance
premiered on April 27, 2017

contemporarysh*t – mynameisalex is a solo performance that makes our inner voices heard and tackles honesty, creativity and originality in theatre on two levels: what lies within us? Where do the voices we hear inside come from? What can we learn from them? At the same time, I’ve written contemporarysh*t – mynameisalex to focus on the dilemma of being original, or unique in our stage creations. Is it really possible to say something different in art, or are we just repeating the same things over and over again only because people seem to like them?

contemporarysh*t – mynameisalex is an informal exploration of what lies deep within us in our lives, as well as how we try to express these feelings when we start writing a contemporary theatre performance. With some bits of parody and some bits of experimental research, we explore our nature as humans as “98% exactly the same”. Before the beginning of the show, the audience also receives a copy of the “Universal Guidelines on how to create an original theatre performance to become an internationally acclaimed artist”.

This solo show premiered on April 27, 2017. Performed by Alex Casadio, directed by Vasilis Liaskovitis in 800A Berlin.


Contemporarysh*t – mynameisalexA theatre performance written by Alessandro Casadio.

Cast: 1 Actor
Technical crew: 1 sound technician, 1 light technician
Duration: about 32 minutes
Technical requirements: video-projection system

If you’re interested in booking a performance of this piece or you want to represent this solo piece with your cast, please use the Contact form to get in touch. Upon request, the full script and the original materials of the play can also be made available to theatre makers interested in representing this performance.