some milestones in my career

Alessandro Casadio
Play Mental Lockdown by Alessandro Casadio
Mental Lockdown play, Act 2

During the Covid-lockdown I got to write an original short play in 3 Acts inspired by the current situation, titled Mental Lockdown.

Mental Lockdown premiered on Youtube in April 2021

Given the restrictions applied to live shows, we decided to film the short play in 3 acts, and we set up a Youtube premiere with people watching from over the world. WATCH IT HERE!

Acting theorymanual Instant theatre Berlin Alessandro Casadio

Since 2021 I restarted my regular acting teaching activities. In 2022 I directed 2 shows based on one-act plays from American playwrights. I’m also working on a new original play titled Love Cafe, set to come out in the upcoming months.

No One Left Behind theatre show, 2019-2020

In 2019 it was the turn of No One Left Behind, an Actors Circle production based on Agatha Christie’s most famous crime stories.

Ionesco Special, 2019-2020

…And also Ionesco Special, produced within the Actors Circle and co-directed by me with director (and former student of mine) Gabrielle Torreborre.

Acting theorymanual Instant theatre Berlin Alessandro Casadio

Both plays were replayed in early 2020, until in March the Covid-19 regulations put all our shows and activities on hold until the summer.

Writing, Directing
acting book manual theory of acting Alessandro Casadio

In 2018, two years after my first resolution, I published the final version of …And Acting for All. This acting manual is my first written contribution to acting theory. In the book I talk about the potential of acting as a powerful natural tool and how everyone can discover more about themselves through acting.

Instant Theatre Berlin show 2019

In 2018-2019 I directed several shows resulting from the Instant Theatre acting workshops. I directed a reduced version of A. Checkhov The Cherry Orchard in March 2019.

Instant Theatre Berlin show

Later in 2019, I created and directed the original theatre show Fright Night, based on a collection of unpublished horror screenplays adapted for the stage by me.

Spoken Word Poetry
Alex Casadio at Berlin Spoken Word, 2017

Starting from 2017, I began writing and performing live spoken word poetry. I became involved in the lively Berlin performative scene and performed my texts and works steadily during the period 2017-2018.

800Acts hosted by Alex Casadio and Dom Hopkins-Powell

Together with fellow poet and writer Dom Hopkins-Powell I created the weekly Spoken Word event 800Acts in Berlin Wedding. The event has been running in 2018 and it hosted a variety of performers on a weekly basis.

spoken word poetry collection
Spoken Word Volume 1 by Alex Casadio – available on Amazon

In July 2018 I self-published Spoken Word Volume 1, a collection of texts and poems I’ve performed live on the Berlin stages. The book is available in the Kindle Store on Amazon.

2017: The Actors Circle
Audience at an Instant Theatre Berlin performance 2017

In 2017, my activities as a theatre instructor at Instant Theatre Berlin as well as my “new job” as cultural manager at my venue 800A in Berlin grew exponentially.

Stories from Spoon River performance by Instant Theatre Berlin 2017

We’re currently running several theatre workhops every month since a few years now, and in 2019 I created The Actors Circle, a community of international actors in Berlin.


Though left with very little free time (!), I managed to finish the script of a new short play I titled “Sorry I’m dead”, to be premiered in Berlin in 2018 (UPDATE: official re-launch of this performance will be in 2020, after some previews 2 years ago)

contemporarysh*t-mynameisalex by Alex Casadio premiered in April 2017

On April 27, 2017 my solo theatre performance Contemporarysh*t – mynameisalex – A theatre performance premiered in 800A theatre venue in Berlin. This show is the result of a collaboration with director and performer Vasilis Liaskovitis.

“Interval” in contemporarysh*t-mynameisalex by Alex Casadio

The performance constitutes the first part of a trilogy (“The trilogy of Whatever”), whose following chapters were written the time frame 2017-2019.

Theatre performance contemporarysh*t-mynameisalex by Alex Casadio

The show explores human inner voices and the problem of originality in theatre, and it was written, co-directed and performed on stage by me. More about this on the Shows page.

800A Berlin

In November 2016 I took on the challenge of creating a new theatre and performance space in Berlin. I partnered up with a friend, and together we renovated the rooms of an old cafe to transform it into 800A.

Instant Theatre Berlin final shows 2016
Alex Casadio introducing the actors, Dec 2016

The venue (now active for more than 3 years, UPDATE 2020) – hosted the final shows of 2 Instant Theatre courses on December 4, 2016.

Final shows of Instant Theatre courses 2016
Introducing the venue to the audience at 800A in Berlin, Dec 16

It was a great honor for me to co-direct both theatre shows, for the first time in a theatre space of my own.

Speaker & Organizer

In April 2016, I was invited as a guest speaker by Macromedia University in Berlin, where I delivered the talk Building a cultural project in Berlin within the International Evening for students and University staff.

Film workshop with Ms. Chappelle. 2016

In May 2016, after meeting her at the Berlinale festival, I partnered up with Hollywood casting director Aleta Chappelle (Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia Coppola, Eddie Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg, Wim Wenders). She brought her Film Acting Workshop from NYC to Berlin exclusively for Instant Theatre Berlin. I had the privilege to audit and supervise all activities.

Open lecture with Ms. Chappelle. 2016

I also organized and personally hosted a public lecture where Ms. Chappelle talked about her career in F.F.Coppola’s productions and presented her methods of working with screen actors.


From 2015, I started inviting other trainers to collaborate within Instant Theatre Berlin.

Switch your brain off! 2016.rehearsals

These collaborations generated (among others) the original performance Switch your brain off!, co-directed by me and performer Marcelina Bozek. The piece premiered at Theaterhaus Berlin in 2016.


As of May 2016, Instant Theatre Berlin has hosted around 20 long-term acting and theatrical improvisation courses, plus numerous one-day acting sessions, weekend workshops, short intensive programs, performances and live shows. (UPDATE 2020: We’re probably more around 60 now!)


The performance Offstage Characters (2014) was Instant Theatre Berlin’s first production. It featured five actors playing monologues from literary sources and integrating them with improvised stage interactions.

One Act of Courage. 2014

The concept was then developed and expanded to become One Act of Courage, original performance presented within the festival 48 Hours-Neukölln in the same year. On that occasion, I was active as an actor and director and I was also joined on stage by my good friends Alejandro J. Niklison, playwright and actor, and Vasilis Liaskovitis, talented mime and clown performer.


In the same year, another theatre course I led resulted in the original performance Collective Creation. Again, scripted theatre scenes were paired up with improvised exchanges between characters, creating a funny and colourful mix. We built up and presented the show in the rooms of the Berlin art space formerly known as Boys Club, now Decad.

2013: Instant Theatre Berlin
Instant Theatre Berlin: first flyer.2013

In 2013 I founded Instant Theatre Berlin, to share and expand on my original acting training method based on self-expression, communication and use of imagination. The project keeps growing and expanding every year.

Instant Theatre Berlin: Classic logo 2013-2020

Since 2013, I worked with hundred of actors, acting students and professionals, helping them discover their potential and their expressive abilities through individual and collective work.

Current Logo of Instant Theatre Berlin
Instant Theatre Berlin NEW 2020 LOGO!

Instant Theatre Berlin is constantly expanding its influence and its activities within the rich and exciting international scene of Berlin, Germany.

Activities 2001-2010

From 2001 on, I took part in dozens of theatre shows and performances. In traditional theatre, the authors I feel I know best are Checkhov, Beckett, Goldoni.


I played in many contemporary original scripted and unscripted performances. I was also part of experimental shows, mime and Commedia dell’Arte mask theatre shows and presentations within cultural events and festivals, as an actor and musician.


With time, I steadily took on the role of assistant director, training actors and preparing them for performances. After I came to Berlin in 2010, I brought theatrical improvisation to the stage with several groups as a performer (Bankrupt and later the Instant Theatre Group) and later as a trainer.

Further education

I performed in the Physical Theatre Group led by actress Silvia Magnani (Y. Lebreton, Pina Bausch, A. Omolu) for 4 years…


I took acting and voice masterclasses with Andrea Pierdicca (National Theatre of Genua, Italy), Paola Roscioli (Piccolo Teatro, Milan, Italy), Valentina Dradi (P. Grassi Academy, Milan, TV producer) and many others.


I took music and performance masterclasses with Andrea Oliva (Berliner Philarmoniker) and other prominent musicians in 2007 in Music Academy of Modena, Italy.

Degrees etc.

I graduated in Cinema Studies at University of Bologna, Italy in 2006.


In 2006 I also obtained a Bachelor in Flute and Music from A.Peri Music Academy, Reggio Emilia, Italy.


In 2001 I started acting within the Teatro del Navile courses in Bologna, Italy. I played Brutus in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and in several short plays by Harold Pinter, as well as at a festival of contemporary American plays.


After dropping out, I enrolled in the Arena del Sole acting program…


…and then I was a regular performer in ITC Teatro theatre productions for 5 years.