My solo theatre performance finally premiered!

Contemporarysh*t-mynameisalex by Alex Casadio

On April 27, 2017 my solo theatre performance Contemporarysh*t – mynameisalex – A theatre performance premered in 800A theatre venue in Berlin. I am very happy of the result we’ve achieved, also because this performance originated from an old idea of mine that I struggled to bring to an end for the many time limitations of these intense days. Together with me was clown, performer, mime and director Vasilis Liaskovitis, who brought in his expertise in movement and live performance. Contemporarysh*t – mynameisalex can be perceived as a sort of parody, but there are many aspects in the script and in the action that really question the nature of human inner life and inner voices. Here you can get a glimpse and a preview of the performance.

Conceived as the first chapter of a trilogy of plays (The Trilogy of Whatever)Contemporarysh*t – mynameisalex will be followed by a related theatre performance in 2018.


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